It's Okay to Ask for Help

No one lives this thing called life alone. NO ONE. I need food ... I don't grow and make all of my food. I go to the store where countless numbers of people have worked on many levels to provide me the food I wish to buy. I renovate my house. Can I tell you the countless amounts of amazing peeps that did that for me? I could not do, well, hardly any of that just me! I don't build my furniture. I don't grow my coffee beans. I don't make my clothes. I didn't design or build my car ... you get the picture.


So why then, when we are down, depressed, anxious, fearful, feeling hopeless, sometimes to the point of thinking we need to end our lives ... we think we're supposed to do all of THAT alone?

We seek assistance in every OTHER area of our lives. It's simply what we do. There isn't any stigma having others do countless things for the betterment of our exterior lives. But OH, what a stigma to seek assistance for our own emotional health and well being.

We get consulting for our businesses in numerous ways. There is no stigma in that! Why don't we get 'consulting' for ourselves? We did not come here to 'do it alone.' We did not come here to live a depressed, fearful, self-limiting, hopeless life!

And when I say this, I am speaking for myself and my family as well. I have sought out counseling over the years, individually, as well as, marriage. Yet, there's always this underlying stigma. I felt it. If I seek counseling, it tells the world I'm weak, that I'm not good enough, that there must be something wrong with me, that I don't have those 'things' in me to do it right .... It's embarrassing. So much shame. I can't let anybody know....

I really feel it's time for a MASSIVE SHIFT. It's time to END this ridiculous stigma towards getting help, getting support, getting guidance, getting treatment, getting assistance ... for our own inner - emotional - well being.

It's time to know, that just as I need people for the exteriors of my life, I also need people for the Interiors of my life!

I think it's time we put HIGH VALUE on this and give ourselves the rightful permission to seek the support that helps us feel better and live good, meaningful, purposeful, thriving lives that IS our birthright. It is! We all need a little help on this from time to time. It's time to see this as an empowering good thing!

If you are still feeling this stigma... If you are still feeling, "I can't tell anybody ..." If you are still feeling, "I'm too ashamed ..."

I'm inviting you to allow yourself to finally BE your permission to seek assistance, to seek guidance, to seek the people, the tools, the ways ... that bring you back UP into a thriving, good feeling place, what you were meant to be....

If you can't fully give yourself permission, I give you permission. I bet countless others will give you permission too! Take the step. Reach out to even just one person. Make a phone call. It's what we do for EVERYTHING ELSE. Now go do it for you. Sending such deep love to all of us. We are so immensely worth it. You may not have any idea of the extraordinary immensity of yourself. I DO and I wish for you to know it too.


by Linda Anderson

About the Author
Linda Anderson is a Spiritual & Life Empowerment Coach based in Grand Rapids, Michigan. She is a long time explorer and seeker of Self and Soul Empowerment. A graduate of Holistic Learning Centers, Linda has a double certification as an Advanced Skills Life Coach and Spiritual Life Coach. She is board certified and accredited as a Holistic Health Practitioner through AADP (American Association of Drugless Practitioners) and has participated in many workshops/retreats with regards to ‘moving beyond the ego’ - moving away from our false negative beliefs and coming into the soul truth about ourselves. Learn more:

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