How Love Heals

Leading up to the month of February and Valentine's Day, we asked you, our i understand Facebook friends and followers, "How does love heal?"
Thanks to those of you who were willing to share your stories and examples! We received numerous heartfelt responses of both simple acts of kindness and deeply profound experiences. Click here to see and read all of the comments and entries.

Jackie VanSingel recently enjoyed a special morning of self care in recognition of her comment: 
"It's very hard to keep the act going like there is nothing wrong. But I try to help the best I can for whoever I can, keep a positive outlook and to say I love you, so he can keep going and try to get help."
Special thanks to Angela and Kim at Manic Muse Salon, our February community partner, for providing a special morning of pampering for Jackie (pictured in pink). She is beautiful on the inside and out! She agrees that as a caretaker, it's important to carve out time for yourself (which we know is not always easy), in order to rejuvenate your spirit so you may continually give your mental and emotional energy and support to others.
We recognize the healing power that loving acts and gestures have during a difficult time. Whether you're battling grief and loss, working through recovery, or supporting someone in their journey to live a healthy and fulfilling life with mental illness, remember that you are not alone. Our community is here to lift you up in hopes you feel the love, especially this month.
Pictured above is the staff at Manic Muse Salon in downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan

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